Welcome to the New Blog

Hey everyone, it’s Steven.  I’m hijacking the Naturals official blog and making it my personal forum for whatever is going on with the team or running through my head.

I’ll keep this updated with new posts a couple times a week during the off-season and at least that much if not more once the season begins.

Hopefully, being around the team everyday as the radio announcer, I can provide a unique perspective on all things Naturals.

So what’s going on right now you’re probably asking yourself, well the last couple weeks and some very big things…

1) Royals FanFest in KC.  What a fun event with about 10,000 people coming to the Overland Park Convention Center in suburban Kansas City.  The Naturals booth was the most popular as Royals fans lined up 75 deep to spin the Prize wheel and get a Naturals souvenir.

2) The Royals Caravan Stop.  200 people came to the Holiday Inn in Springdale for lunch and autographs.  2008 Texas League Player of the Year Kila Ka’aihue and Royals pitcher Zack Greinke as well as new Naturals catcher Vance Wilson and Royals alums Dennis Leonard and Brian McRae were all there.

Kila was the most popular but everyone was awesome answering questions from the fans and sharing baseball knowledge.  Vance was a riot was some of his answers and we can’t wait to have him as part of the team for this summer.

3) The same Zack Grienke who was just here in NW Arkansas signed a 4-year contract with the Royals yesterday, meaing he will be in KC through the 2012 season.  This is HUGE news for the Royals.

So huge in face that I was doing a Grienke dance around the office yesterday.  Zack was not only one of the top starters in baseball last year, but looks like he can still get better.  The Royals were able to sign one of their own who has developed into a star pitcher and wanted to stay in KC.

It’s as big a deal as the Royals will have this off-season and provides a great boost of momentum heading into Spring Training.

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