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All sorts of new guys have joined the Naturals lately.

Here’s a thumbnail sketch on them:

SS Jeff Bianchi – 22 years old and really looks good at the plate.  The only knock him in his career has been an inability to stay totally healthy.  So far, so good in that category this season.  He should add some good punch to the middle of the Naturals line-up.

C Vance Wilson – obviously it’s nice to have an 8 year ML vet around for leadership and he’s been great at the plate as well.  Should also provide the young pitchers on the staff a nice veteran mind to lean on and trust

OF Jarrod Dyson – just joined the team today and debuts tonight but from all accounts he can “flat out fly”.  Not literally of course, but if he can provide the offense with a burner it adds a great new dimension to things.

Hopefully, the Naturals get the 2nd half off to a great start tonight in Tulsa.