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Getting through the Dog Days

In the baseball season, the Dog Days are the hot, lengthy days towards the end of the season in July and August.  In the off-season though, the Dog Days tend to be here in February when things can get a little monotonous.

So to brighten things up and get you pumped for the Naturals season watch this.

Of course, Spring Training helps but there really isn’t much going on right now in Arizona.  I did read a few days ago before camp officially opened that KC manager Trey Hillman was impressed with Carlos Rosa’s fastball.

It wouldn’t be a total shock to me to see Rosa in the big league bullpen at the start of the season.  There may not be a whole lot of spots open but an injury or a stellar performance from Carlos could make the difference.

He has absolutely electric stuff and it may translate best to the bigs out of the pen.  Plus, after dealing with injuries in each of the last two years (forearm strain late last season) being a relief pitcher might be his destiny.

And remember that both of his appearances with KC last season were in relief and the Royals had him working specifically out of the bullpen when called up after exclusively being a starter in the minors.